Department of Chemistry (560)
Track Chemistry Expanded Single Major – Etgar track (5020)
For Year:

Study Program

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
Scope of studies in the track
Total Point in program Chemistry
( 560)
Compulsory in the teaching program136
Total in the teaching program142
Cornerstone Program8
Library and security programחובה
Total for the degree (minimum) 150
years for the degree3
Total percentage of tuition for the degree300

In order to bring outstanding students to the Institute of Chemistry of the Hebrew University and especially for advanced degrees, it was decided to create a program that will enable direct familiarization by the teaching program’s outstanding students with the research carried out at the Institute of Chemistry. The program aims to expose the outstanding students in Chemistry and the combined programs (Chemistry-Biology and the combined program Chemistry-Physics) to scientific research already during their Bachelor’s degree and to foster excellence as a basis for later study for advanced degrees.
The program enables direct familiarization by the teaching program’s outstanding students with the research carried out at the Institute of Chemistry. The program is designed for students who are interested in broadening and deepening their studies. The “Etgar” program combines specialized studies in small teams alongside joint studies with the rest of the teaching program’s students, and it encourages and fosters the students’ independent learning and research capabilities. In addition, the program enables integration into one of the research laboratories of the Institute of Chemistry, which includes independent research work with guidance by the researcher who administers the laboratory. The research work can serve as a basis for MSc studies and even for continuing studies in the direct PhD track.
Main advantages of the program:

1. Association with the program for outstanding students at the Institute of Chemistry of the Hebrew University.

2. Direct and unmediated familiarization with the best researchers in the program and their research and teams. This is an advantage for integrating in the teams and for later choosing supervisors.

3. To learn thinking and a research-oriented approach at an early stage which assists also in other studies and to identify what is important in the process of studying.

4. 16 credits in fascinating fields and directions that are close to students’ hearts.

Registration for the program is by advance identification on the basis of the candidates’ admissions attainments. When accepted to the program candidates will be instructed to register for the compulsory course as noted below: “Seminar in Chemistry – Honors Program” (69161).

See also information about the track: “Extended single teaching program Chemistry – Etgar” (track 5020).

Compulsory courses:

1.   “Seminar in Chemistry – Honors Program year 1” (69161) 

2.   “Seminar in Chemistry – Honors Program year 2” (69327) 

3.   “Guided Research Project” (69612) 

Recommended optional course: Physical Chemistry Lab for the Physical Science Program (69330).
It is possible to exchange the course “Physical Chemistry Lab” (69313) with this course, which includes a project and its presentation. This laboratory is particularly recommended, and students are encouraged to select it.

Details of the program:

Year 1 semester 1 – lectures by Institute researchers. Various lecturers from the Institute will lecture students once a week on the subjects being researched in their laboratories. The aim: to expose students in simple language to the researchers and their research fields.

Semester 2 – preparation for seminar lecture. During this time students will join researchers from the Institute who will service as mentors. The mentor will guide students in reading articles, orientation in scientific databases, and will prepare them toward giving a lecture at the end of the semester about a research field to which students were exposed through reading articles and discussing them. A concentrated lecture day will be held at the end of semester 2 where all students will lecture about a research subject to which they were exposed in the framework of the tutoring. During year 1 there will be tours of the research laboratories of the Institute of Chemistry, in order to expose students to everyday research work, and enable a more thorough familiarity with the various research teams.

Semester 1 year 2 – lectures by Institute researchers and finding a mentor for the Etgar project. Students are invited to join first-year students and hear additional lectures which they had not heard in the previous year.

In addition, all students must personally contact researchers in whose laboratories they wish to integrate, and find supervisors for the Etgar project. Supervision must be finalized and the head of the program notified by the beginning of semester 2.

Semester 2 – beginning of integration in a research laboratory. Students will integrate in the research laboratory of their supervisor, and will be exposed to the research and work methods of the team. In addition, they will start to collect background material that will prepare them for their independent research project. A concentrated lecture day will be held at the end of semester 2 where all students will present their future research program and the working methods they will be using. The research proposal will also be submitted in writing in a brief structured format.

In year 3 guided research will begin and throughout the year the research project will be carried out in the supervisor’s laboratory. The results of the project will be presented in two ways: A. Presentation of a scientific poster in the framework of the Faculty Day as is usual in scientific conferences. B. Seminar lecture that will be presented toward the end of semester 2 before the supervisor, head of the program and students of the program. At the end of the semester students will submit a written summarizing work in an article format. The final grade will be based on the written work, the seminar lecture and the supervisor’s evaluation of the laboratory work.

Please note, students in the Chemistry "Etgar" program cannot study in parallel in the Amirim Teva program.

For further details, please contact the Head of the Program : Prof. Meital Reches/ Administrative Coordinator meital,,  Ms.Orian Elimelech: