Department of Physics (541)
Track Talpiot Program- Single Major in Physics with divisions in Mathematics and Computer Science (2052)
For Year:

Study Program

2nd Year
3rd Year
Scope of studies in the track
Total Point in program Talpiot Program
( 520)
Total Point in program Physics
( 541)
Total Point in program Computer Sciences - Section
( 5210)
Total Point in program Mathematics Section
( 5311)
CompulsoryCompulsory in the teaching program145645
Compulsory in the teaching program19
CompulsoryCompulsory Mathematics studies19
Compulsory elective36
Elective in the teaching program5
Total in the teaching program147851
Cornerstone Program6
Total for the degree (minimum)181179179
years for the degree3333
Total percentage of tuition for the degree300300300300