Department of Applied Physics (511)
Track Applied Physics – MSc Research Track (7040)
For Year:

Study Program

1st Year
2nd Year
Scope of studies in the track
Total Point in program Applied Physics
( 511)
Compulsory in the teaching program10
Compulsory elective12
Elective in the teaching program10
Total for the degree (minimum)32


Program structure:

The studies include theoretical lessons, preparation of a final thesis under the guidance of the supervisor (with a scope of work of about two years) and a final examination. The curriculum is aimed at expanding and deepening the student's scientific knowledge in the field of his / her scientific specialization, imparting knowledge and experience in the basic technologies in the student's field of specialization, imparting basic knowledge in related fields of science and engineering related to the graduate's field of specialization.

The curriculum includes the completion of a final thesis under the guidance of the department's teachers. Most of the work is done in the second year of study (when the connection to the research group and learning the basic background is done in the first year) A qualified student in the department must join a research group until the beginning of the second semester of study. For the most part, research topics will be related to the issues at the forefront of research and development. In an orderly process, graduate studies last two years. In exceptional cases, if it turns out that it is not possible to complete the work during the second year and the following summer, an application will be submitted to extend the duration of studies to a third year on the recommendation of the instructor and the head of the department. The request will be handled as usual in these cases.

Note: You can choose a supervisor for the thesis work from among the faculty members at the Pharmacy Institute of Physics. A supervisor from another department will require the approval of a qualified advisor and an internal supervisor from the Department of Applied Physics.

The weighting of the final grade for the degree will be as follows: 40% of the weighted grade in the courses; 30% final exam; 30% thesis.