Department of Applied Physics (511)
Track Applied Physics for graduates in Electrical and Computer Engineering (7039)
For Year:

Study Program

1st Year
2nd Year
Scope of studies in the track
Total Point in program Applied Physics
( 511)
Compulsory in the teaching program10
Elective in the teaching program14
Total for the degree (minimum)24

This study program is intended for outstanding graduates from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a specialization in micro / optoelectronics at the Hebrew University (Department 581/587) and allows them to continue their studies towards a master's degree in applied physics.

Under the following conditions:
1. Complete the undergraduate studies with an average grade that meets the admission requirements for a master's degree in applied physics at the university.
2. Successfully completed the course: "Solid State"
3. Successfully completed the engineering project.
Graduates of Computer Electrical Engineering with a specialization in micro / optoelectronics study between 19 and 24 credits from the compulsory and elective courses in their undergraduate studies and will be required to complete compulsory courses of at least 10 credits and advanced elective courses in applied physics of at least 14 credits, with the approval of a consultant Graduate students In addition, students in this program will complete a final exam and a final thesis.