Department of Applied Physics (511)
Track Applied Physics with specialization in Nanoscience - M.Sc. Research Track (3046)
For Year:

Study Program

1st Year
2nd Year
Scope of studies in the track
Total Point in program Applied Physics
( 511)
Total Point in program Nano-Science and Nano-Technology Specialization
( 5602)
Compulsory in the teaching program19ראה ת"ל
Elective in the teaching program5ראה ת"ל
Total for the degree (minimum)2424

Master's degree in applied physics specializing in nano

Short track for graduates of the Department of Electrical Engineering (587)

 The track is intended for graduates of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a specialization in micro / optoelectronics at the university. The track is shortened relative to the standard nano-program in applied physics, since some of the courses

in the original program are included in the four-year undergraduate curriculum. Total reference: 24.


Program structure:
Compulsory nano courses:
Drug delivery systems (64761) - 2 credits

Physical Chemistry of Nanomaterials (69674) - 4 credits

Characterization of Materials (83517) - 3 credits

Please note: Students who have taken the course 83882 Physics of MLM Devices will take Course 1 instead of the elective courses

Compulsory Applied Physics Courses:
Quantum Theory in Applied Physics (83880) - 5 credits

· Advanced Optoelectronics (83910) - 5 credits.

Physics of MLM devices (83882) - 5 credits.

Departmental Colloquium (83899) - 0 credits

 Total required points - 14 credits.

Total selection points - 10 credits (as in the regular nano program).

Total points - 24 credits.