Department of Applied Physics (511)
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Study Program

1st Year
2nd Year
Scope of studies in the track
Total Point in program Applied Physics
( 511)
Compulsory in the teaching program21
Compulsory electiveראה תכנית לימודים
Elective in the teaching programראה תכנית לימודים
Total for the degree (minimum)32

Quantum Technologies track

The proposed track is added to the existing tracks specializing in microelectronics, optoelectronics, and nanotechnology. The track combines the forefront of quantum research in applied physics, physics and computer science, and equips the future leaders in the field, both in academia and industry.

Admission Requirements: As usual for a Master's Degree in Applied Physics + Interview with the Admissions Committee of the Quantum Center

Program structure:

Compulsory courses in the track:

Quantum Theory in Applied Physics - 83880 (5 credits)

Advanced Optoelectronics - 83910 (5 credits)

Physics of MLM Devices - 83882 (4 credits)

Departmental Colloquium - 83899 (0 credits)

Introduction to Quantum Calculation 67596 (4 credits)

Quantum Technologies 77891 (4 credits)

Quantum Optics 83836 (3 credits)


Compulsory courses in the Quantum Technologies track:

Physics of MLM Devices 83882 (5 credits)

Physical Optics 77693 (3 credits)

Physics of Lasers 83861 (4 credits)

Devices of Semiconductors 83812 (4 credits)


Elective courses:

5 credits from the list of relevant courses given in Applied Physics.


For those interested and for more details, please contact Prof. Nir Bar-Gil,