Life Sciences (570) - Bachelor's Degree            

The purpose of the BSc studies is to provide students with a broad and deep basis of varied knowledge in Life Sciences, in order to meet the scientific challenges of the future. Familiarity with biological research is essential for advancing many areas of life – medicine, agriculture, environmental quality, biotechnology, education, public policy etc.
The Life Sciences teaching program provides its students with a basic background, and equips them with the tools necessary for engaging in problems in various fields on the molecular, cellular, organismic, superorganismic (environmental) levels and in industrial biology. The fields of study include Evolution, Ecology, Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Genetics, Animal Behavior, Plant Sciences, Microbiology and Brain Science.
In the first year of BSc studies the studies are composed of basic courses in Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Programming) and introductions to the Life Sciences fields (Cellular Biology, Biology of Organisms and Genetics). In the first semester of the second year additional introductory courses are taken (Ecology and Population Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant Sciences, Microbiology, Physiology and Evolution). From the second semester of the second year and throughout the third year students compile a personal study program, according to their fields of interest, from a very wide range of courses.
The studies include opportunities for practical experience in the research laboratories in the Institute of Life Sciences and in biotechnology companies.
Master’s courses in the faculty are given in Hebrew unless a foreign student who does not speak Hebrew is taking the course. In such a case the course will be given in English.

Department Officials

Contact names:
Hug secretariat (Silberman Institute of Life Sciences):

Tel:  (02) 658-5337/85445

Sharon Berger   

Sara Gavriel

Keren Daniel


Head of Department Studies

Prof. Ariel Chipman
Head of Teaching Program

Tel: 02-658-5816


Student Counsellor
Dr.Yonatan Tzur


 by appointment only

Counsellor to students pre-registration
Prof. Sagiv Shifman



Year to year transition terms
Requirements for passing from one year to the next: A minimum grade of 60 in each course.
In the Etgar program a minimum average of 85 is required in the compulsory courses.
In the Psychobiology program a minimum average of 80 is required in the compulsory courses.
Compulsory in the teaching program
Compulsory basic studies

Compulsory elective

Elective in the teaching program

Total in the teaching program

Programming studies


Cornerstone Program

Additional teaching program

Total for the degree (minimum)

Total for the degree (maximum)

years for the degree

Total percentage of tuition for the degree
Life Sciences- Expanded Single Major track
(track 4010)
Life Sciences in dual major track with major in Natural Science
(track 4011)
Life Sciences -Single Major track
(track 4012)
Life Sciences Dual Major track with Major in Humanities or Social Sciences
(track 4013)
Life Sciences – Etgar program in Single Major track
(track 4019)
Life Sciences – Etgar program in Expanded Single Major track
(track 4020)
Life Sciences – Etgar program in dual Major track
(track 4021)
(track 4024)
Life Sciences – Etgar program and Cognition in Dual Major track
(track 4026)
Life Sciences and Earth Sciences with specialization in Geology- dual Major track
(track 8029)
Life Sciences and Earth Sciences with specialization inClimate-Atmosphere-Oceanog - dual Major track
(track 8030)
Environment and Life Sciences- dual Major track
(track 8032)