Chemistry & Life Sciences (566) - Bachelor's Degree            
Biology, the science of life, has embodied for a decade or more a research focal point for chemists, physicists, mathematicians, researchers from the computer science field and more. For example, how can we understand the mechanisms of thinking and calculating in the brain’s nerve networks without combining these cellular aspects with the electrical, statistical and computational? And how to decipher the mysteries of the human genome and genetic codes, or the complex interactions that control the mechanisms of gene and protein regulation, without mathematics, physics and computer science? The Hebrew University recognized these facts and for several years has offered combined study programs, such as Computational Neuroscience for Master’s and doctoral degrees, and Computational Biology for the Bachelor’s degree.

More than any other scientific field molecular biology is closest to chemistry, which is expressed in the science of biochemistry. Biology and chemistry are strongly linked: the living processes in the cell are all mediated by changes in chemical interactions between biological molecules such as proteins and DNA. Therefore, in order to have a deep understanding of the life processes at the molecular level, a strong basis in chemistry is essential. It was against this background that the current study program was constituted, an integrative program that combines biology with the science that is closest to and most essential for it – chemistry. In recent years and in the spirit of the times and with understanding of the strong and vital link between the fields, an increasing number of students wish to broaden their knowledge of molecular biology and chemistry, and to obtain a solid foundation in physics and mathematics. All these are essential for understanding biological phenomena, systems and processes; as, for example, the structure, activity and folding of proteins, regulation of genes, interaction between proteins and DNA, structure of membranes, ion channels and, of course, designing medications. Understanding biological systems at the molecular level is essential as a basis for healing those systems when disease processes are occurring.

So far, the only option available to students who wish to combine their training in chemistry and biology was a dual teaching program Chemistry and Biology program. Since the two teaching programs are extremely demanding, and as their systems of hours are usually not coordinated, such a combination was very complicated and effectively impossible in a regular BSc program framework. This was the main reason for launching the combined program in Chemistry and Biology. The program will enable students to take the required courses without conflicts in the study hours, and to derive enjoyment from special activities for the program’s students. There is also special emphasis in the program on providing the appropriate background in Chemistry and Biology that will enable students to develop in different directions according to their own inclinations and constitute the basis for possible study of new and complex subjects later in their careers.
Master’s courses in the faculty are given in Hebrew unless a foreign student who does not speak Hebrew is taking the course. In such a case the course will be given in English.

Department Officials

Coordinator for studies:
Liron Yona

Tel: 02-6586315 


head of department:

Prof. Norman Metanis


Prof. Dana Reichmann 


Year to year transition terms
Minimum grade of 55 in every course and minimum average grade of 70 in compulsory courses.
Compulsory in the teaching program
Compulsory basic studies

Compulsory elective

Elective in the teaching program

Programming studies

Cornerstone Program

Total for the degree (minimum)

years for the degree

Total percentage of tuition for the degree
Compulsory in the teaching programCompulsory basic studiesCompulsory electiveElective in the teaching programProgramming studiesCornerstone ProgramTotal for the degree (minimum)years for the degreeTotal percentage of tuition for the degree
Combined program in Chemistry and Biology Sciences
(track 8050)
Combined program in Chemistry and Biology Sciences – Etgar Biology track
(track 8051)
Combined program in Chemistry and Biology Sciences – Etgar Chemistry
(track 8052)
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