Chemistry (560) - Bachelor's Degree            

Chemistry, the science of materials, is a very broad scientific field which also includes studies of the structure and properties of materials and development of new materials for human use.

The Chemistry teaching program imparts to its students broad knowledge in all fields of chemistry and related fields, such as Mathematics, Physics, Programming, Biology and Nanotechnology, that are needed for a deep understanding of modern chemistry.

The Chemistry teaching program has a number of study tracks that train students both for integration in Israeli industry, including the high-tech industry, the chemistry industry and the pharamaceutical and biotechnological industry, and for continuing in advanced studies.

The courses deal with the bases of chemistry on the basis of fields that are now in the forefront of chemistry research worldwide. In addition to the main track (extended Chemistry) there are other tracks, such as a dual teaching program track in which students combine studies in the Chemistry teaching program with another teaching program of their choosing.

Students are offered courses in the various branches of Chemistry and a variety of modern laboratories where students will encounter advanced equipment.

The courses offered by the Chemistry teaching program are indicated by the prefix 69***.

Studies in the Chemistry teaching program entail work in laboratories with hazardous materials of various types. The University cannot guarantee a place in the teaching program for students who would not or could not do what is required of them when working in a laboratory.

To ensure the safety of students while working in the teaching laboratories, all students must take a course on safety in the laboratory (a computer-based course) at the beginning of each year. Taking and successfully passing the course are a precondition for working in a laboratory. The numbers of the courses are as follows:

·         Computer-based safety training for year 1 students: 76222

·         Computer-based safety training for year 2 students: 76223

·         Computer-based safety training for year 3 students: 76224

Many tasks in the framework of the teaching program depend on computer use, retrieving information on the Net and operating basic programs such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word. Students will also be directed to courses on the Internet according to recommendations by tutors and teachers. Students would do well to prepare themselves for working with a computer and being familiar with these programs.

Students must, in the framework of BSc studies, take a programming course with a scope of 3 credits. In the academic year 2016/2017 students are offered a new course, designed for Chemistry: Mathematical Programming with Matlab for Chemistry (3 credits). The course is offered to the students of the teaching program from year 2 only, in light of the mathematical background it requires which is studied in year 1.

Special programs:

“Etgar” program

Chemistry and Materials Engineering in cooperation with Azrieli College

Double Chemistry-Pharmacy degree



Master’s courses in the faculty are given in Hebrew unless a foreign student who does not speak Hebrew is taking the course. In such a case the course will be given in English.

Department Officials

Year to year transition terms

As detailed in section 11 of the Teaching and Study Procedures on the website of the Faculty of Natural Science 

It is not possible to improve the grade of a laboratory in which students achieved a pass grade (60 and above).




Compulsory in the teaching program
Compulsory basic studies

Compulsory elective

Total in the teaching program


Cornerstone Program

Additional teaching program

Library and security program

Total for the degree (minimum)

years for the degree

Total percentage of tuition for the degree
Chemistry- Expanded Single Major track
(track 5010)
Chemistry in Dual Major track
(track 5011)
941004חובה134 לפחות3300
Chemistry in single Major track
(track 5012)
9610432 לפחות8חובה1443300
Chemistry and Materials Engineering in cooperation with Azrieli College
(track 5013)
Chemistry- Etgar program in Single Major track
(track 5014)
10812032 לפחות8חובה1603300
Chemistry in Dual Major track-Etgar program
(track 5015)
1061164חובה134 לפחות3300
Double Chemistry-Pharmacy degree
(track 5017)
Chemistry Expanded Single Major – Etgar track
(track 5020)
1361428חובה 1503300

(track 5025)
Minor in Chemistry
(track 5030)
chemistry section for biology students
(track 6036)
Earth Sciences and Chemistry specialization in Geoarcheology -dual track
(track 8008)
Environment and Chemistry- dual Major track
(track 8033)
לקראת מוסמך

Although there is no division of BSc studies into different streams, students should be aware that in MSc studies courses must be taken in accordance with the stream they selected. Some of these courses (as detailed in the MSc studies) are open to BSc students and may be taken already in the third year.