Special Honors Program (555) - Bachelor's Degree            

“Amirim” Program

The program serves as a framework for outstanding students, and aims to develop and implement their skills aided by the best scientists and teachers in the faculty.

The program of studies for a BSc degree in Natural Science in the “Amirim” framework will be determined individually for all students depending on their interests, in consultation and coordination with the advisors of the teaching programs which they selected and the program’s coordinator. Students will study in at least one teaching program from among the various teaching programs (see below) in Natural Science. Interdisciplinary study programs (including teaching programs in other faculties, such as Humanities and Social Sciences) will be encouraged.

Structure of the program:

“Amirim” students may choose study programs that are suited to their personal interests. Interdisciplinary programs will be encouraged, including a combination with studies in other faculties. Students are entitled to a personal mentor from among the faculty’s teachers. The personal study program will be determined in consultation between the student and advisors of the teaching programs and the program’s coordinator.

In years 1, 2 and 3 a special interdisciplinary course will be held as well as monthly meetings in which lectures will be given in order to expand horizons in the framework of “Amirim club.” In the third year, Amirim students wil carry out a research project of their choosing with guidance from one of the faculty teachers.

The required scope of studies will be determined individually according to the teaching program(s) chosen by students.

“Amirim” students who are interested may make personal contact with a mentor from among the faculty’s teachers.

“Amirim” students should note the “Etgar” program for outstanding students in Life Sciences.

Research project

In the third year all “Amirim” students must carry out a research-oriented project of their choosing. The project is not awarded credit points.

The time students devote to this project will be equivalent to about 20 credits. The project is an independent learning assignment of “Amirim” students which is carried out with guidance from a tutor who is a faculty teacher. This work must be separate from any paid occupation. Upon completion, the work will be summarized in writing and submitted in printed form, in Hebrew in two copies. One copy will be given for assessment by the tutor and a second copy will be deposited with the faculty’s teaching secretariat and submitted for the approval of the program coordinator and transferred to the Harman Science Library. The library copy will serve as a reference.

The work will be written in the form of a scientific work, including an introduction describing the scientific background, the body of the work describing the research’s results and a critical summary. After it is submitted, the project advisor will determine the project’s grade.

A grade of “excellent” (95 and above) will be awarded only after the work has been examined by another teacher and his agreement to the grade “excellent.”

The project work will be submitted until 30.9 in the third year of the degree.

If “Amirim” students carried out their project work as part of a joint research project, the written summary that will be submitted for assessment will relate to the individual part of the “Amirim” student.

The grade of the research project will not be included in the calculation of the average.

“Amirim” project with respect to Biology students:

“Amirim” students who are also Biology students studying in the framework of the “Guided Project” will prepare a research work as required for an “Amirim” project. This work will be considered as fulfilling the research work requirement in the framework of the Guided Project. Students will fulfill the other requirements as is usual in the framework of the Project. Students will not receive a grade in the “Guided Project” course, but as normally applies in the cases of an “Amirim” project.

Studies in the “Amirim” framework and the “Amirim” project with respect to Computer Engineering students:

“Amirim” students who are also Computer Engineering students will prepare the “Amirim” project in their third year of study, in addition to and separately from the final project required in their Compute Engineering studies. Receiving a grade for the “Amirim” project until no later than the beginning of the fourth year of study is a prerequisite for receiving an “Amirim” scholarship in the fourth year, in addition to the usual academic conditions.

“Amirim” and the combined MSc programs: “Computer Science and Computational Biology,” “Chemistry and Biology Sciences”:

Studies in the “Amirim” program parallel studies at the BSc level in these programs (three years). The “Amirim” project is separate from the MSc thesis as is applicable in the teaching programs that separate BSc from MSc studies. Students in the “Computer Science and Computational Biology” program, who participate in the “Guided Project,” will be subject to the above rules relating to Biology students.

The calculation of the final grade for the BSc degree will include courses at a scope of at least 120 credits including all compulsory courses in the teaching program(s) chosen by students. In combined fields and in some teaching programs the total number of compulsory credit points exceeds 120. Students must fulfill the compulsory requirements even if the total points exceed the required minimum. Any change in the structure of studies requires approval by the head/advisor of the teaching program.

In the framework of “Amirim Club” the program’s students are offered meetings or special horizon-widening lectures which are held several times a semester.

Special course for the honors program students “Amirim-Nature”

In the second semester there is a special course for the program’s students, which covers Natural Science from perspectives that are different from the usual in regular courses. Each year, the course will deal with an array of different fields. It is a compulsory course for the program’s students and requires their active participation in each of the three years of study.

The head of the “Amirim” program is also the course’s coordinator.

The faculty association of students in the “Amirim-Nature” honors program is with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science throughout the years of study, even if their study programs include studies in other frameworks at the University. They will be subject to the rules of the Natural Science faculty for all intents and purposes.

The program’s students will be awarded a special graduates certificate which will note that the students completed their studies in the framework of the “Amirim” program and the names of the teaching programs in which they studied. The certificate will also note that the students submitted a research project and its verbal grade.

Students who complete the program will be offered study programs for higher degrees according to their achievements, including a possibility of studying in the direct PhD track.

Further details may be obtained from Tlalit Ganz, “Amirim” secretariat in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, telephone: 02-6585363.

Master’s courses in the faculty are given in Hebrew unless a foreign student who does not speak Hebrew is taking the course. In such a case the course will be given in English.

Department Officials

Year to year transition terms
In the framework of the program students may be included in the “Dean’s List” (of outstanding students). The list of candidates, from which the Dean will compile the faculty Dean’s List, will be calculated on the basis of all the previous year’s grades stored in the central computer at the time of calculation. Only students who received grades in the courses listed in their study programs will appear in this list of candidates. The minimum required for the calculation is 42 credits. Courses in which students were awarded “credit,” for example, on the basis of studies in another institution, will not be included in the above quota of credits. Students who in the last year were awarded a grade of “fail,” or are not exempt from English studies, will not be eligible for inclusion in the Dean’s List. Students who completed their degree studies as required and may be eligible for inclusion in the Dean’s List on the basis of their last year of degree studies (3 or 4 according to their study program), but have not gained the minimum quota of credits, should apply in writing to the faculty during the appeals period.

Students who were awarded the Dean’s or Rector’s Prize on the basis of their achievements in the first year are invited to join the “Amirim” program in their second year of study.
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