Computer Sciences (521) - Bachelor's Degree            
The Bachelor’s degree study program in Computer Science provides a combination of a deep theoretical basis for the theory of computer science together with broad and deep practical preparation for working with the computer. The studies provide tools for analytical and structured thinking; a basis is acquired for understanding the theory of computer science and the ability to use it in various practical contexts; broad knowledge and understanding are acquired of the ways in which computers work and using them, and significant practical experience is imparted in designing and building software systems. Accordingly, the study program includes a combination of courses in mathematics, courses in the theoretical fields of computer science such as algorithms and complexity, and courses, assignments and laboratories in various practical fields: operating systems, programming languages, networks and distributed systems, machine learning, and more. Besides, the program includes a wide range of elective courses that enable students to go deeply into subjects as they choose, for example, database systems, image processing, natural language, artificial intelligence, numerical analysis, computer-aided design and production, signal processing, computerized graphics, and more.

Studies for a BSc in Computer Science extend over three years and are offered in three possible frameworks: single teaching program track (extended), single teaching program track and dual teaching program track.

General notes to all students in the Computer Science teaching program
The courses offered by the teaching program are indicated by the prefix 67***.

The program of studies includes basic studies in Computer Science, as well as basic studies in Mathematics and general studies in the theoretical and applied subjects of computer science.
2.       All compulsory and elective courses in the Computer Science teaching program and the basic courses in Mathematics award credits toward the quota of credits required in Computer Science (except for dual teaching program tracks with Mathematics and/or Physics).
3.       In all course in the Computer Science teaching program students must obtain a passing grade in the exam in order to receive a passing grade in the course (unless otherwise indicated in the syllabus of a single course).
4.       The teaching program offers outstanding students guided work with personal supervision by teachers of the teaching program.
5.       Students of Computer Science may not receive credit for the degree for programming studies in the framework of the Programming Instruction Unit and/or programming courses outside the school.
6.       Elective courses: from the annual list of lessons of the teaching program.
7.       Direct admission to year 2: Admission to the Computer Science teaching program is limited. The following option is recommended for students who are interested in studying Computer Science but do not satisfy the admission criteria: a combination of first-year studies in the Mathematics teaching program and division studies in Computer Science supplemented with the course Discrete Mathematics. Studies in this combination are essentially identical with first-year studies in the Computer Science teaching program. High-achieving students in the combination studies can be admitted to second-year Computer Science studies. Students may make the transition only on completion of their first year at the University provided that they completed all the first-year courses of the program, unless at the beginning of their studies they split the first year with approval by the advisor. The number of places is limited, so the transition will be made on the basis the weighted average of grades in the compulsory courses of the first year. As a rule students from other institutions will not be accepted directly to the second year. Exceptional cases will be considered by the committee of the Computer Science teaching program.
8.       Alternative courses: Details of alternatives to the courses that exist in the various tracks can be found on the course details page in the Annual Course Catalogue.
9.       Prerequisites for a course: Details of prerequisites for every course can be found on the course details page in the Annual Course Catalogue. To fulfill the prerequisites students must actively participate and obtain a passing grade in the exams
10.   Requirements for passing:
Master’s courses in the faculty are given in Hebrew unless a foreign student who does not speak Hebrew is taking the course. In such a case the course will be given in English.

Department Officials

Head Computer Science Studies
Prof. Daphna Weinshal
tel. 02-5494542
Sundays  13:00-14:00

Secretary for Studies (Computer Science)
Yael Ben-Lulu
tel. 02-5494513

Counsellor - first year students
Dr. Aviv Zohar
tel. 02-5494553
make appointment by email

Counsellor – 2nd and 3rd year students
Prof. Alex Samorodnitsky
tel. 02-5494552
make appointment thru Miriam Edery:

Counsellor – Computer Science BSc and Bezalel Students
Dr. Amit Zoran
tel. 02-5494657
make appointment by email


Year to year transition terms
Compulsory in the teaching program
Compulsory Mathematics studies
Years 2-3 studies

Compulsory elective

Elective in the teaching program

Total in the teaching program


Cornerstone Program

Additional teaching program

Supplementary studies

Total for the degree (minimum)

Total for the degree (maximum)
Talpiot Program Computer Science division in Physics
(track 2058)
Computer Science single teaching program
(track 3009)
Computer Science extended single teaching program
(track 3010)
Computer Science in dual teaching program track
(track 3011)
Computer Science single teaching program with specialization in Computational Neuroscience
(track 3012)
Computer Science extended single teaching program and division in Mathematics
(track 3013)
Computer Science Statistics
(track 3019)
Computer Science Economics
(track 3020)
Computer Science Cognition in dual teaching program track
(track 3021)
Combined program in Computer Science and Design at the Bezalel Academy
(track 3022)
Division in Computer Science
(track 3030)
Joint Computer Science and Business Administration
(track 3085)
Computer Science and Earth Science with specialization in Climate-Atmosphere-Oceanography in dual teaching program track
(track 8011)
Computer Mathematics in dual teaching program track
(track 8014)
Computer Physics in dual teaching program track
(track 8015)
Environment Computer Science in dual teaching program track
(track 8035)